Operation Walk returns with more free surgeries for the needy

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A delegation of doctors from US-based non-profit, volunteer organization Operation Walk (OPW) returned to Ho Chi Minh City on Thursday to provide free joint replacement surgeries for poor patients.

A team of 60 doctors from eight countries will perform free operations worth US$150,000 each on knee and hip joints of 62 patients from January 15-18, at HCMC’s Orthopedic Trauma Hospital.

The first trip in 2008 was a success with 54 joints operated on over a three-day period.

Delegation leader Dr. Jeri Ward said the total cost of surgery, medicine and equipment for the program in Vietnam in both 2008 and 2010 was around $35 million.

Following the surgery, OPW will hold a seminar on January 19 to introduce the latest surgical advances and developments to Vietnamese doctors, nurses, physical therapists and other healthcare professionals.

Operation Walk, founded in 1995, aims to provide free surgeries for patients in developing countries.

For over 15 years, Operation Walk’s doctors have helped over 2,500 patients in China, Nepal, Peru, the Philippines and other countries.

Reported by Phuong Anh

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