Online shops scam women with breast-enhancing ringtones

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Dozens of websites have duped women into believing the size of their breasts will be enlarged by listening to particular ringtones.


Farfetched as it sounds, the scam has reeled in many impressionable Ho Chi Minh City women, thrilled by the prospects of enhancing their cup size, an investigation by Thanh Nien found.


A student of Hung Vuong University, who wanted to be identified only as K, said she did not see any change to her breasts after listening to the ringtone she purchased as the website instructed.


"Not only am I losing money downloading the ringtone, I am still afraid of the ringtone that sounds like a radio broadcasting under a weak signal," she said.


Q., a 12th grader in HCMC, said she had listened to the ringtone for two hours a day for nearly a month.


"It's an eerie piece of music used to cheat women like myself. I have longed for an improved breast size for days, but nothing has happened," she said.


"No surgery, no scar, no pad. Your bust will increase by two centimeters within ten days by listening 20 times a day," advertised one website.


Another advertisement claimed listening to their ringtones would not only enhance breasts, but also bring "extreme relaxation."


Doctor Do Quang Hung, a plastic surgeon at Cho Ray Hospital, said there is no connection between music and breast size.


"Listening to ringtones to improve breast size is unreasonable," he said. "I think this is just a deceitful swindle."


However, he said improving breast size is a real demand for many women, who are vulnerable to a variety of  scams. Women have purchased ineffective massage creams and resorted to plastic surgeries, which are often unsafe.


Websites encourage men to buy breast enhancing ringtones for their girlfriends as gifts.

A quick survey by Thanh Nien found that these ringtones play for between 32 seconds and two minutes, and customers pay between VND5,000 and VND15,000 for each download.


Meanwhile, composer Xuan Nghia said the ringtones are not actually music, but simply noise.


"Music affects your brain, but has no impact on muscles," he said.


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