One-year-old chokes to death at private nursery

TN News

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A one-year old baby died after choking at lunch time in a private kindergarten in Da Nang on Monday, local officials confirmed Tuesday.

Truong Tuan Loc, 14 months old, turned pale as he choked and died about three hours after he was admitted to a local hospital. Doctors had said he had passed the critical sage, local news website Dan Tri reported.

The kindergarten is run by 48-year-old Nguyen Thi Ngoc Huong, who takes care of children from four months old onwards, kids who are not old enough to be received at state-owned nursery schools.

Kids have to be a least two to three years old, depending on the locality, to be admitted to a daycare center.

Huong had tried to give first aid to the child but it did not work, she said.

Local residents said Huong has been babysitting Loc for nearly one year. They said she was an experienced babysitter who received around three to four children at a time, most of them children of neighbors.

They said they never saw the woman treat a child harshly before.

The kindergarten was closed Tuesday.

Loc's family said the incident was their misfortune and that they were not going to sue Huong.

Phan Trong Tin, a local official, said local authorities will pay more attention and check private kindergartens running solely on informal arrangements between parents and babysitters.

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