Nutrition system that helps brain development

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Dr. Hoang Ho Thong Nhat - Nutrition expert from Nutifood
Parents always want their kids to be intelligent and healthy. However, not all parents fully understand when to start providing their children with a good nutrition system, as well as how and for how long they should do so.
Baby's nervous system starts developing in the first weeks of pregnancy, and is growing fast from the 8th week. A newborn's brain weighs about a fourth of that of an adult's. At 1 years of age, a baby’s brain weighs 70-75 percent that of an adult’s, 80 percent at 2, and reaches almost the same weight as an adult’s at the age of 6. The period between early pregnancy and 6 years of age is, therefore, the golden time for brain development.
Mothers should add more nutrients which are good for brain such as DHA, ARA, Choline ALA, Taurin, Tryptophan, lutein, iron, folic acid, and iodine by having diverse meals, balancing all the nutritional components, consuming sufficient energy, and using products with nutritional supplements, to help children become more intelligent and set up a good foundation for future.
We understand that by taking smart actions today, you are laying the foundation for tomorrow's success. Nuti IQ Gold with IQ-Complex formula, developed by NutiFood’s nutrition experts for children, contains enhanced nutrients such as DHA, Lutein, Taurin, Choline and other essential nutrients to help your baby enhance brain development. Additionally, IQ-Complex formula helps children gain weight and height, improves nutrient absorption and prevents constipation.

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