Nuti Fresh Milk 100%- Good nutrition for healthy family

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Nuti Fresh Milk 100% - Delicious taste from the highland Nuti Fresh Milk 100% - Delicious taste from the highland
Fresh milk is known as highly nutritious food, enriched with natural vitamins and minerals, suitable for all ages.
For children, fresh milk provides calcium, phosphorus, vitamins A and D which help build strong bones and teeth, improve eyesight and boost the immune system. Moreover, fresh milk also contains the kind of fat necessary for brain development at children.
For adults, fresh milk is an ideally nutritious drink thanks to vitamin B supply which helps increase red blood cells, calcium to support bones and teeth structure, magnesium to keep muscle strong and supple, kali to assist in maintaining a healthy nervous system, protein for total growth and zinc to aid digestion.
Drinking fresh milk daily is a good way to maintain a healthy body. However, the choice for the brand of fresh milk for the family is also quite important. It does not only have to satisfy the appetite of the vast majority of family members but also has to ensure nutrition supply and hygiene standards.
Understanding that, NutiFood nutrition experts have launched Nuti Fresh milk 100% which is made entirely from fresh cow’s milk of the dairy farm in Gia Lai highland. Using modern UHT technology of Germany and Sweden to ensure the strict standards of food safety, Nuti Fresh milk 100% still keeps the fully delicious and pure flavor of fresh milk from the cool highland.

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