No rubber, cellulose in cuttlefish: Vietnam food watchdog

TN News

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Latest tests on ready-to-eat dried cuttlefish samples taken in Hanoi showed no rubber or cellulose content, the Vietnam Food Administration (VFA) said Friday.

The samples, taken from Dong Xuan Market and a shop on Bach Mai Street, also passed chemical and microorganism tests in accordance with the Ministry of Health's regulated indices, the VFA said.

However, the administration said it would ask scientists to provide more scientific grounds to recognize rubber and cellulose in cuttlefish in further tests.

It has asked health agencies in all localities to cooperate with related agencies to tighten control over the trade and distribution of food.

Health inspectors in the capital city last week confiscated the samples following rumors that ready-to-eat dried cuttlefish for sale in Hanoi contained rubber. Experts had said that it could have been cellulose soaked in seasoning.

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