Mum gives birth to massive baby in Vietnam

By Nguyen Tu, Thanh Nien News

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Tran Thi Bong and her baby at the Quang Nam General Hospital.

A mother in Quang Nam Province has given birth to one of the biggest newborns in the country’s history.
Tran Thi Bong on Wednesday evening gave birth by Caesarean to a whopping 6.5kg boy.
The boy is Bong’s fourth child. She said the first three children, all girls, weighed between 4kg and 4.2kg at birth.
Doctor Vo Thoi, Director of the Department of Obstetricts at Quang Nam General Hospital, said Bong, 38, had been diagnosed with preeclampsia when she arrived at the hospital at 3 pm Wednesday. She weighed 102kg before giving birth.
Thoi said both Bong and her son are in good health condition and will be discharged this Sunday.
In 2008, a mother in the Central Highlands province of Gia Lai gave birth to a baby girl who weighed almost 7kg, reportedly the biggest newborn ever in the country.

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