More DEHP-tainted drinks, food products seized from city shelves

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Ho Chi Minh City health authorities are recalling drinks and food products of nine companies that are contaminated with industrial chemical DEHP.

The products include Possmei's tapioca pearls, Brand's calcium and vitamin tablets, Heysong's Fruit House orange juice, Uni-President's Pro Sweat sport and asparagus drinks, TaiYen's collagen powder, Taiwan Yes water and Bio Chain's Power-Lac nutrition powder.

The HCMC Food Administration on Wednesday announced it will continue investigation on 12 companies involved in the sales of drinks and food additives originating from Taiwan.


The administration also called importers and distributors of Taiwanese products to test and report to health authorities if the products are DEHP-tainted.

The plasticizer DEHP was used in a type of food additive known as clouding agent that makes products more visually appealing to consumers. The substance is believed to be carcinogenic.

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