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Li Shizhen (1518-1593), one of the greatest physicians and pharmacologists in Chinese history, first talked about mixing egg and vinegar to cure a number of ailments in his book "Compendium of Materia Medica."

In 1911, a Chinese magazine mentioned the concoction again and rejoiced in its health benefits. Over four centuries after Li Shizhen brought the mixture to the public's attention, many people around the world now swear by it.


To prepare egg vinegar, take a freshly-laid egg, if possible, and 180ml rice vinegar. Wash the egg and soak in vinegar in a jar with a lid on for two days. After 48 hours, you will see that the eggshell has dissolved. Use a chopstick to stab the egg, and remove the outer layer. Stir the egg white and yolk for five minutes in the jar. Put the jar in the refrigerator for one day.

Pour two spoons (20-30ml) of egg vinegar and one spoon of honey into a glass. Pour 14 spoons of cooled boiled water into the mixture. It is better to use good quality vinegar. You can use the egg vinegar for one week. On the fourth day, start the whole process again.

The benefits

According to research and documents by herbalists Bang Cam and Hoang Duy Tan, egg vinegar assists and improves digestion. It acts as a painkiller and breaks down fat molecules as well as healing surface injuries. It cures rheumatism and reduces swelling around muscles and joints. Egg vinegar can also help to prevent cancer and it contains antibiotics and phospholipids which protect and repair the liver. The mixture is rich in plasma protein which improves the immune system and metabolism. Egg vinegar can lengthen your life expectancy.

During preparation, the eggshell is dissolved by the vinegar and becomes calcium acetate, which is easily dissolved in water and absorbed by the small intestine. It is also an inorganic salt that assists the body in developing bones and joints as well as preventing high blood pressure. It can help with osteomalacia and calcium deficiency.


Below are some remedies using egg vinegar that help with various ailments:

Chest pain

Beat one egg in a bowl. Add 60ml vinegar and a little black sugar. Stir and drink. Drink every day until the pain has gone.

Difficulties during birth or dysentery with blood after giving birth

Take three egg yolks, mix with 50ml vinegar and drink.

Orchiocele (scrotal hernia)

Soak two eggs in 250ml vinegar for one day. Then, boil until half of the vinegar has evaporated. Eat the egg and drink the vinegar straight away.


Beat three eggs in an earthen pot and pour in 100ml vinegar. Cook for five minutes and drink when hot. At first, you will shiver before becoming hot and sweaty. When the fever stops, you will have a headache and vomit.


Burn one whole egg including the shell until it looks like coal.

Pound and stir with vinegar. Drink once a day.


Beat five chicken eggs in a bowl. Add 150ml vinegar and stir. Leave for 36 hours. Add 250ml vinegar and continue to stir. Drink 15ml in the morning and evening.

Persistent cough

Make the egg vinegar mixture using 60ml vinegar and one egg. Drink over one month.

Seasonal asthma

Put one egg in a pot and boil in vinegar for five minutes. Shell the egg, boil again with vinegar for five minutes and eat. Eat one egg twice a day.


Beat two eggs and put in a glazed terracotta or porcelain pot. Pour in 100ml vinegar and boil until the eggs are done. Drink the mixture to stop diarrhea. If it doesn't work, try again.


Pour 40ml sesame oil in a pot and heat. Beat two eggs and add them to the oil. Pour in enough vinegar to cook the eggs. Wait until done. Eat one egg in the morning and one in the evening. Abstain from alcohol and tobacco.

Morning sickness

Boil 60ml vinegar and add 30g white sugar. Stir until the sugar has dissolved. Then beat one egg and add to the vinegar to cook. Drink the remedy once a day for three consecutive days.


Take three beaten eggs and mix with 150g b^t mì (wheat flour). Knead and slice into small pieces. Fry the pieces in 30ml vinegar. Eat twice a day until dysentery stops.

Back and shoulder pain

Peel one banana and cut in half. Wash and cut 150g carrot and 200g apple into tiny cubes. Put the carrot, apple and banana in a blender and add one egg yolk, 100ml milk and 100ml vinegar. Blend well and season with honey. Drink regularly.

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