Midwife transferred after baby death in central Vietnam

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A public hospital in the north-central province of Ha Tinh has removed a nurse midwife from duty for her responsibility in a maternal complication that killed an unborn baby.

The leaders of Cam Xuyen District General Hospital said Luu Thi Thanh had been transferred to another job.

Related to the death of the baby of Pham Thi Hong, 27, on July 30, the hospital had also rebuked Hoang Cong Thiep, the doctor directly in charge, and Nguyen Dinh Duong, head of the hospital's obstetrics department.

The family had dropped their complaint against the hospital after the punishments were made, the hospital management said.

Hong was admitted to Cam Xuyen hospital on July 29, when Thanh checked her and said she and the embryo were healthy.

Later that night, Hong was in pain but the nurse refused to re-examine her, saying the entrance examination was enough. The pains continued through the whole night but there were no doctors or nurses in sight.

The baby was found dead the next morning after its heartbeat could not be detected.

Cam Xuyen hospital gained notoriety for several delivery deaths in 2011.

The hospital reported six deaths, including three babies during delivery, between March and August last year.

Duong was also rebuked last year for his responsibility in the death of a woman and her baby.

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