Many Vietnamese not manage blood lipid disorder

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Sixty percent of Vietnamese people with blood lipid disorder fail or are unwilling to manage their condition, only to end up with severe heart diseases, according to recent research.

The research, conducted in eight Asian countries, found only 40 percent of nearly 850 people with the disorder in Vietnam managed to reduce their blood cholesterol level, compared to the average 49 percent in other Asian countries, news website VnExpress said Thursday.

Subjects of the research were patients being treated with blood lipid reduction medicine for at least three months.

Professor Pham Gia Khai, chairman of Vietnam Association of Cardiology, was in charge of the survey in Vietnam. The research was published in March 2011 but only released to the press at a Hanoi conference on January 4.

Dr. Pham Manh Hung, general secretary of the association, said at the conference that high blood cholesterol is one of the highest risks for cardiological diseases.

Hung said there are two kinds of cholesterol, good and bad, and a high level of the bad cholesterol will cause diseases such as stroke and coronary thrombosis.

He said the condition needs life-long treatment, starting with and mostly including changes in lifestyle such as more exercise, no smoking, and less animal fat, milk and eggs in the diet. 

"The treatment is not every complicated, but not every patient follows it," the doctor said in VnExpress.

Hung said the poor treatment compliance is very "worrying," and patients' conditions will worsen without them knowing, because heart diseases develop with few symptoms. He also recommended people from age 20 begin having blood test at least once every five years to check their blood lipid level.

Experts at the conference warned that everyone can have heart and blood diseases, even skinny people, and especially those above age 40.

They said the public in Vietnam knows little about the diseases and does not care much about the conditions.

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