Man with 80-kg tumor awaits miracle

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A Dalat man saddled with an 80-kilogram tumor the largest recorded in Vietnam says he is waiting for a miracle, Sai Gon Tiep Thi reported.

Nguyen Duy Hai, 31, is being treated at the Ho Chi Minh City Oncological Hospital, where doctors are planning to operate on the massive tumor.

Hai has been diagnosed with Neurofibromatosis type I (NF-1), formerly known as von Recklinghausen disease, a human genetic disorder.

Doctors from various hospitals have yet to conclude when the first surgery to remove the tumor will be conducted.

They are afraid that the surgery on such a huge tumor will cause massive blood loss and destabilize his cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

While awaiting the miracle, Hai remains optimistic and always greets visitors to Room 207 with a smile.

"Even if my tumor cannot be removed, I will keep on living," he said.

"A person is different from another in whether he can live with what he doesn't want or not."

The tumor began to grow on his right leg at the age of four.

After doctors amputated his right leg, 14 years ago, the abnormal growth returned and has since swallowed portions of his buttocks and back.

The tumor is now around 1 meter wide and weighs roughly 80 kilograms (176 pounds).


Local doctors plan to remove 80-kg tumor

He has had to remain in a permanent sitting position even when he sleeps and must rely on his mother to attend to all of his needs.

He has had to live with the tumor since his poor family could not afford to surgically remove it. 

Local media sources have written stories about him since June.

Following the coverage, officials from the HCMC Oncological Hospital later brought him from Dalat to HCMC for treatment.

A series of consultations have been held but no date for his surgery has been fixed. Meanwhile, the tumor is gradually changing the shape of his spinal column.

"I've been living with this "hard rock" on my leg for 27 years, now ," he said. "Only a miracle can help me."

"If the tumor is successfully removed, I will learn to repair electronic appliances and mobile phones to make a living and support my mother.

"If not, I will come back home and continue to live like I did before.

"Diseases are only scary when we give up," he said.

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