Man who had 82-kg tumor removed could go home next month

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Nguyen Duy Hai of Lam Dong Province, the 33-year-old man who had an 82-kilogram tumor removed on January 5, has recovered sufficiently to be discharged from the hospital, doctors said.

"However, it will take some more time to complete the skin transplantation," said Dr. Phan Van Thai of Ho Chi Minh City's FV Hospital.

He said that Hai developed necrosis two weeks after the surgery. However, his wounds healed well after another two weeks without becoming infected and in that time he stopped using painkillers, he said.

Just one month after the surgery, Hai was able to stand up and walk on crutches for a few steps, the hospital said.

"It was an amazing recovery and brought extreme happiness not only to Hai but for the entire hospital staff who have been taking care of him," it said.

Sylvie Nguyen of FV Hospital said she had prepared a special diet for Hai. "We divided it into 10 meals per day because he could not eat much each time. Every meal is rich in calories to improve his health and to prepare him for the skin transplant," she said.


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Duy Hai and his mother in a photo taken before his 82-kg tumor was removed.

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Catherine Cousin, head of the hospital's physical therapy ward, said Hai has been very diligent in doing his prescribed exercises and has shown great improvement.

Doctors said Hai will have to stay in the hospital for an additional month to have a series of skin transplant procedures, after which time, they expect him to return to his home in Lam Dong's Da Lat Town, where he plans to learn how to repair mobile phones in order to earn a living.

Hai's surgery represents the biggest tumor to be successfully removed in Vietnam. It was conducted by the Chicago-based surgeon McKay McKinnon during a 12-hour surgery conducted by a team of 60 doctors, nurses and medical technicians at FV Hospital.

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