Man starts walking after tumor removed

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Nguyen Duy Hai practices getting up at his sickbed at FV Hospital

The man who had his giant tumor removed 20 days ago has started to walk around his sickbed on his intact leg.

Nguyen Duy Hai told Tuoi Tre on the phone Friday that "This is the first time I have spent the Tet festival in hospital, but it might be the happiest one as I could hold the trolley to walk on my own foot."

The 33 year old has been receiving physiotherapy for the past ten days, after the 82-kilogram tumor was removed from one of his legs on January 5. After 30 years of suffering, the man was finally freed from the giant tumor thanks to a 10-hour operation led by US plastic surgeon McKay McKinnon at FV Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City.

Hai has recovered quickly, stabilizing only six days after the operation, as opposed to the several weeks doctors had predicted. He has stopped using antibiotics.

Doctor Dao Thi My Van at the hospital said the fast recovery is thanks to "the very precise surgery" as well as "the solid will and the confidence in living of the patient."

Hai said had never dreamt of stepping out of his house, but now he is confident about the future.

"I will try to practice until I can walk with splints. When the injuries totally heal, I want to learn to fix mobile phones as the job suits my condition and I will lift some burden from my mother," he said.

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