Man recovers after removal of giant tumor

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Nguyen Duy Hai gives a thumbs up sign at the FV hospital in HCMC, where he had an 82-kg tumor removed. Photo courtesy of Tuoi Tre Newspaper.

Two days after having a 82-kg tumor removed in a major surgery, the patient could breathe on his own and eat on Saturday, doctors of the FV Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City said.

They said Nguyen Duy Hai is getting much better after the 12-hour operation, which was led by renowned US plastic surgeon McKay McKinnon.

Hai woke up at 2 pm Friday and could breathe on his own six hours later, talking normally and asked for his mother, Nguyen Thi Le Thu, a hospital director, told the Tuoi Tre newspaper.

Hai had been put into a medically induced soma immediately after the surgery to keep his lungs from working too much.

He was fed with soup and loose porridge on Saturday morning. His respiratory, circulation systems and kidney functions have been checked and found to be in good condition.

His fever and bleeding have also reduced and doctors have ordered no more blood transfusions.


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Doctors said Hai can leave the intensive care room on Monday.

"I feel a relief but it still hurts," the 32-year-old man told Tuoi Tre on Saturday.

"Doctor McKay McKinnon is like a second father giving birth to me. I will be grateful to him my whole life for doing the operation to help me," he said.

The operation has attracted worldwide attention, making at least 215 headlines in more than 50 media outlets around the world, including The Sun, CNN, CBS and BBC.

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