Man gets penis reattached after jealous wife chops it off

TN News

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A Ho Chi Minh City hospital on Sunday successfully rejoined the severed penis of a local man who had it chopped off by his jealous wife.

The unnamed man in his 40s was admitted to the 115 People's Hospital with his penis cut to its root, said Dr Truong Hoang Minh.

"He was still lucky that the penis was chopped off only two hours earlier," Minh said, adding that surgeries to reattach penises will have high success rates if conducted less than six hours from the time of capitation.

According to a Thanh Nien source, the jealous wife dropped some tranquilizers into her husband's beer.

After the man fell asleep, she took a pair of scissors to chop off the offending member.

She later called some relatives to take the man and the severed penis to the hospital, maybe because she was afraid, the source said.

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