Maggots found in sausage packs in southern Vietnam

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The Vietnamese subsidiary of a Singapore food company has been hauled up for distributing packages of preserved sausages with maggots inside and ordered to recall the products.

The Food Safety and Hygiene Department of the southern province of Dong Nai has also sought an explanation from Jupiter Foods Vietnam Joint Stock Company, a subsidiary of Jupiter Foods Private Limited and based in neighboring Binh Duong Province.

The issue came to light after Thi Van Tai, a Dong Nai-based Jupiter dealer, discovered June 6 some packs of Soyumm pork sausages were wet and stinky and had maggots and mold.

Tai photographed and filmed the sausages before complaining to Jupiter.

The company quickly checked and replaced the packages.

But there were maggots even in some of the replacements.

He once again told the company, but this it refused to oblige, prompting him to lodge a complaint with the Dong Nai Consumer Protection Society.

Jupiter then sent officials to Tai's warehouse and they admitted to finding maggots in 15 packs of Soyumm.

They agreed to take them back and refund Tai.

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