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Most people don't know that a lack of Vitamin A is a common problem and can cause bad eyesight, night-blindness and dry-eyes.

But Vitamin A can be found in abundant supply in various meats, fish and vegetables as well as in eggs, milk and liver. Beans, papaya, carrots and potatoes are all known for their high Vitamin A content. Here are some simple dishes to help you get your daily fix of Vitamin A.

- Carrot: Slice one carrot into small pieces, and boil them for eating.

- Pork liver and shallot: Slice 100g of shallots and 150g of pork liver. Flash fry the shallots and pork in a bit of oil, but don't keep them too long or you'll lose the Vitamin A. You can enjoy the dish twice everyday for one week.

- Chicken eggs and milk: Beat one egg and drop in a glass of milk. Mix the two and then cook for a healthy dose of Vitamin A in the morning.

- Goat liver and tomato: Slice 250g of tomatoes and fry them with 50ml of oil for a short time. Slice 200g of goat liver and fry the slices until they are well done. Add the tomatoes and cook the mixture until it's a bit overdone.

- Chicken liver and rice: Put a chicken liver in a pot along with 100g of ordinary rice, and cover them with water. Cook them into porridge and season with salt and sugar.

- Sweet potato: Eat around two sweet potatoes every day.

- Sweet potato leaves and goat liver: Slice 100g of fresh young sweet potato leaves into very small pieces. Slice 100g of goat liver into medium-sized pieces. Fry them in oil under a high flame. Eat the dish for one week.

- Carrot and pork: Slice 150g of carrot into thin pieces. Cut 100g of pork meat into small pieces. Fry in a pan until the meat is a bit overdone. Add small spring onions, ginger and season with salt and sugar.

- Potato, carrot and rice: Slice 100g of carrot and 200g of potato into small pieces. Put them all in a pot with 100g of ordinary rice and cover with water. Cook them into porridge and season with sugar.

With any of these dishes, make sure you use them in moderation as too much Vitamin A can cause nausea, yellow skin, poor eyesight and headaches.

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