Long nights in HCMC hospital hallways after disease outbreaks

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Even though each of their beds is now shared by three children, the city's top pediatric hospitals still do not have enough rooms


Sick children and their parents sleep in the hallway of a pediatric hospital in Ho Chi Minh City beside trash bins. It is a common scene at Children’s Hospitals No.1 and No.2, the leading pediatric in the city, as severe outbreaks of dengue fever, hand, food and mouth disease and respiratory inflammation took the number of inpatients to a record high of more than 2,000 each a day. Photos: Hai An/Zing
All beds are taken and parents put their children down wherever there is place for a mattress.
Some spots are worse than others. These families could only find a spot on a stairway, and have to move out during the day to make way for people.
This man’s nine-month-old daughter has severe HFMD, a viral disease that can be fatal if treated late. He has brought her from An Giang Province in the Mekong Delta, and they have been sleeping in a corner of a hallway for a week.
A woman has stretched out a raincoat to protect her daughter from rain. The baby has been admitted with pneumonia, and the mother is worried it will get worse since she has to sleep outside.
Three children share a bed in one ward.
A mother falls asleep while sitting by her child’s hammock.
A boy from the Mekong Delta’s Long An Province suffers from HFMD at one and a half months of age. He and his mother have no sleep at night.
People hang mats to keep out the wind as they sleep in hallways.
Winds buffet the blankets put up in hallways on the rainy morning of October 7. 
 A family sleeps on a mat that is almost soaked after a night’s rain.
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