Japanese formula in Vietnam free of radiation contamination

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Japanese baby formula products brought into Vietnam carry no radioactive substances, representative of the major milk producer Meiji Co. Ltd. in Vietnam has said.

According Yasuhisa Nakagawa, Meiji Gold 1 and 2 are produced in Japan with the contaminated Meiji Step, but are different products.

When imported into Vietnam, the radiation levels of Meiji Gold 1 and 2 products were checked and concluded as safe by the Quality Assurance and Testing Center 1 under the Directorate for Standards Metrology and Quality, Nakagawa said.

The products also were subject to the same tests in Japan before being exported, the representative added.

Also on Monday, the Food Safety Administration under the health ministry said that the Japanese-originated Meiji products in Vietnam that have been checked are safe.


In the meantime, Meiji Co. Ltd has announced that the contamination level found in some products of its brand Meiji Step (850g) in Japan is 22-31 becquerels per kilogram, which is still within the country's allowable range.

Previously the major milk producer recalled some 400,000 cans of Meiji Step after detecting radioactive Cesium.

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