IVF babies do fine, but their moms may be at risk

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Babies born by in vitro fertilization (IVF) do not face an increased risk of birth defects, nor are they at greater risk of being smaller than normal, according to a study conducted in Japan.

But the researchers did find that women pregnant via IVF were more likely than those who conceived naturally to develop a pregnancy complication called placenta previa, in which the placenta blocks the opening to the birth canal.

Some studies comparing babies born through IVF and those conceived naturally have found worse outcomes for the IVF infants, including higher rates of birth defects and greater likelihood of low birth weight, Mai Fujii of the WHO in Geneva and her colleagues note in their report.

But the authors of a review of the best available data on IVF outcomes published in 2005 concluded that the risks of IVF compared with other fertility boosting methods, such as drugs to stimulate egg production or artificial insemination, are "unknown," Fujii and her team added.

Source: Reuters

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