Illegal drugs found in Hanoi meat

TN News

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Tests have revealed that chicken meat and pork sampled in Hanoi contained several illegal drugs, the Vietnam Food Administration reported on Wednesday.

Of the 72 pork samples, one had Salbutamol, a drug to treat asthma, and eight had Clenbuterol, which is used by people with breathing disorders, the administration said at a conference on food safety held in Hanoi.

Four of 72 chicken meat samples had Salbutamol and ten had Clenbuterol.

While farmers use the drugs to stimulate the growth of poultry and cattle, Vietnam has banned them from farm use since 2002 because they have been found to cause heart disorders, headaches, and nausea in people who eat the meat.

Also at the conference, the administration said they found that vegetables and fruits sold in Hanoi contained chemical substances at levels of up to 13-15 percent higher than regulated.

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