Hysteria strikes central schoolgirls

TN News

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High schools in the central province of Quang Binh are suffereing from a recent rash of hysteria.


Officials at Bac Son Secondary and High School on Wednesday said the situation started in early September and has continued, making many students afraid to go to class.


It started when an eleventh-grader suddenly screamed and fell, followed by other schoolgirls in her class. The problem allegedly spread to other 11th and 12th classes.


Around ten Bac Son schoolgirls were caught by the problem in a single day. The victims recovered after first-aid and some rest, the school officials said.


Classes with collapsing schoolgirls have been given days off so they condition doesn't spread.


Many eleventh-grade schoolgirls at the Tran Hung Dao High School in the province suffered from the same condition.


Doctors said the fainting is a sign of hysteria a psychological condition often seen at girls between 14-18 years of age, local news website VnExpress said Wednesday.


The condition occurs following a psychological trauma and manifests itself in the following symptoms: difficulty breathing, feelings of pains and fatigue, laughing or crying for no reason.

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