Hundreds of workers hospitalized with food poisoning in southern Vietnam

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Hundreds of workers at a Japanese-owned company in Binh Duong Province were hospitalized late Monday with suspected food poisoning.

Around 400 workers of Fujikura Company had a meal at around 5 pm before beginning to do over-time work.

Soon after returning to work, many of them began to complain of nausea and stomach ache. Many began vomitting and were taken to the company's medical station.

However, the number of sick workers kept increasing and the company had to use its cars and hire dozens of taxis to take them to local hospitals for treatment.

The company produces electric wires and communication cables at the VSIP 1 Industrial Park in the province's Thuan An District.

By 8 pm on the same day, most of the workers were discharged after recovery, but around 50 workers were still being treated in the hospital, including three with respiratory failure.

Doctors said the patients showed symptoms of food poisoning.

The workers said they had rice and bun thit nuong (vermicelli with grilled pork). They said all hospitalized workers admitted to have eaten the vermicelli dish.

Health authorities in Binh Duong are testing food samples to identify the cause.

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