Hot soup for hot days

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It may sound counterintuitive, but hot soup is often the best way to resupply the body with fluids and energy on super-hot days. Nutritious hot soup can help cool a sweltering body far faster than ice cold water. Here are some recipe ideas:

Carrot and mía lau (sugarcane) soup

What you need: 100g of sugarcane, 150g of carrot, 150g of lean meat, 20g of c năn (Chinese water chestnut), 10g of fresh ginger, 10g of onion, 4g of seasoning powder, 1g of white sugar, one spoon of white rice alcohol.

What to do: Cut sugarcane into pieces, peel the carrot, water chestnut and ginger, and slice them into medium pieces. Slice the meat and tie the onion in bundles. You should pour water in a clay pot, add sugarcane, carrot, meat, water chestnut, ginger and onion, and cover the pot under low flame to cook for one hour.

Then remove the onion, add the soup seasoning powder, white sugar and white rice alcohol to cook for 30 minutes more. And then remove the pot from the stove. The soup will help cool your body and make you more comfortable in the heat while detoxifying your body of alcohol, and fighting sunstroke.

Beef, apple and tomato soup

What you need: One apple, one tomato, 150g of beef, 10g of nm hương (shiitake), 10g of fresh ginger, 10g of onion, 5g of soup seasoning powder, one spoon of white rice alcohol, pepper and water.

What to do: Cut the apple into four pieces, deseed and soak them in a big bowl of salty water. Slice the tomato into round pieces. Slice beef into medium pieces. Wash shiitake. Peel and cut ginger into pieces. Tie the onion up in bundles. Put beef, shiitake, ginger, onion, apple, alcohol in a pot and cover them with water. Cook under low flame for one hour, then remove the onion, add tomato, pepper and soup seasoning powder. Continue to cook for 10 minutes. Enjoy the soup to cool your body and feel comfortable in the heat. The soup will also help fight sunstroke and strengthen the digestive system.

Mưá»›p non (young loofah) and meat soup

What you need: 200g of meat, 200g of loofah, 20g of nm rơm (mushroom), 10g of ginger, 5g of oil, and 6g of soup seasoning powder.

What to do: Peel, deseed and cut loofah into medium pieces. Slice meat and mushrooms. Peel and cut ginger into pieces. Pour oil in a pot and heat it. Then fry the ginger and mushroom before adding two bowls of water to cook under medium flame. Then add the meat, loofah and soup seasoning powder to cook for five minutes more. The soup will cool your body, fight sunstroke, reduce sputum and act as a diuretic.

Cua đồng (freshwater crab), rau Ä‘ay (corchorus olitorius), mồng tơi (basella alba)

What you need: 500g of freshwater crab, rau day, rau mồng tơi and three mưá»›p non (young loofah).

What to do: Wash crab with water, remove the head-shell and grind the rest of the crab. Put the ground crab in a pot, add one liter of water, and cook under medium fire. Stir and filter to remove the water and residue. Wash the two vegetables and cut them into small pieces. Peel and slice loofahs into medium pieces. Add a little salt to the pot and wait for it to boil until the ground crab begins to stick together, then lower the flame. Add the two herbs and loofah, and wait for the soup to boil once more. Seasoning the soup with salt and sugar and serve it hot to relieve discomfort on scorching days.

Hến (mussel) soup

What you need: One kilogram of mussel, 200g of tomato and me chua (tamarind).

What to do: Soak mussels in a water basin for one hour and then wash them. Put them in a pot, cover them with water and boil with a little salt. After boiling, remove the mussels from the pot and throw away their shells. Filter the boiled water and then re-boil it. Add the mussel meat, chopped tomatoes and tamarind. Continue to cook until the water boils again. Season with salt and sugar. Add a little onion and rau răm (polygonum). Mussel meat, which is sweet and cold, helps cool your body, detoxicates the body, and acts as a laxative. It can cool your liver and is a diuretic that also helps people fight pimples, constipation, urination problems, yellow eyes, diabetes and hepatitis.

Bu (gourd) and shrimp soup

What you need: 500g gourd, 200g of white shrimp, green onion and coriander.

What to do: Peel, wash and cut gourd into medium pieces. Wash and husk shrimp. Mince shrimp, and mix with salt, sugar and pepper. Wash and cut onions and coriander into very small pieces. Put a pot on the stove, and heat some oil to fry garlic until it becomes yellow. Then add shrimp to fry them steadily. Pour a half of liter of water and cook until it boils. Add the gourd. When the gourd is overdone, season with fish sauce and sugar. Spoon the soup into a bowl, add onion, coriander and pepper. Gourd, which is sweet and cold, works as an antipyretic. Shrimp, which is sweet and warm, tonifies the kidneys, and detoxicates and gives people energy.

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