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Hoarseness is caused by talking too much or by bacterial contamination of the respiratory system. In the latter case, it can lead to acute laryngitis and even damage the vocal cords.

Practitioners of traditional medicine believe hoarseness involves the lungs and kidneys, for the lungs are the powerhouse of the vocal cords and they in turn rely on the kidneys. So weak kidneys combined with poor nutrition will affect our voice boxes. Besides taking medicine, eating and drinking the right things play an important role in treating hoarseness.

Here are some recipes for fixing a hoarse throat to benefit the whole body.

Red sugarcane porridge: Peel and press 300g of mía Ä‘ỏ (red sugarcane) for its juice. Wash 100g of rice, put it in a pot, add the sugarcane juice, and cook gently until it thickens. You should eat the porridge twice daily, when you are hungry, for three days. If the weather is cold, add a sliver of ginger.

Daikon porridge: The ingredients for this are 150g of củ cải trắng (daikon or white radish), 100g of rice, three thin slivers of ginger and 20g of rock sugar. Wash and thinly slice the daikon, and wash and crush the ginger. Wash the rice, put it in a pot, cover with water and cook until the rice thickens. Then add the daikon, ginger and rock sugar, and stir steadily. When the porridge is well-done, it should be eaten twice daily for three days.

Mung bean porridge: Wash and chop up 15g of lá dâu non (young strawberry leaves) and 10g of lá tía tô (Perilla nankinensis or red shiso). Wash and pound 50g of mung beans still in their skins. Put the beans in a pot, cover with water and cook over a low flame until the beans are very soft. Then add the strawberry leaves, red shiso and a little salt, and stir steadily while the gruel keeps cooking. When the porridge is well-done, it should be eaten once daily for three days. After eating, cover your body with a blanket and let it sweat out a few toxins.

Grilled lemon juice: Grab a chopstick, thrust it through a large lemon to make a small hole, and put half a coffee spoon of salt in the hole. Then grill the lemon over red coals or under a hot grill until the skin turns yellowish brown. Cut the lemon into small pieces and squeeze out the juice, which should be drunk four times daily for three days.

Water chestnut juice: Wash and peel 50g of củ năn (water chestnut), and cook it in a pot of water for 15 minutes. When the vegetable is finished cooking, it can be eaten and the water drunk once a day for three days.

Red sugarcane beverage: Cut 300g of red sugarcane into two and insert three thin slivers of ginger inside the cane. Then fasten the two sugarcane pieces together and grill them over red coals or some other heat source. When the sugarcane is hot to handle, take it out of the stove and press it for its juice. Drink the juice twice a day for three days.

One piece of advice to finish up: If your voice is hoarse, eat plenty of mung beans, duck meat, oranges, lemons, plums, grapes and vegetables, and avoid fried, roasted or spicy food, as well as chili, garlic, alcohol and beer.

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