Herbalists cough up a few good remedies

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When the weather begins to change, especially toward the onset of the rainy season, it is common to see more people than usual suffering from a cold and a cough.

Herbalists Vu Quoc Trung and Pham Nhu Ta have natural and effective remedies handy to cure both kinds of cough (dry and with phlegm) as well as slight fevers.

- Put 500g rock sugar in a pot, pour in 500ml vinegar and boil until rock sugar dissolves. Let it cool and pour into a bottle. Drink 10ml twice a day, until the dry cough goes away.

- Put five cloves of garlic, 15g bách bá»™ (medical name - radix stemonae; scientific name - stemona tuberosa lour), 5g sinh cam tho (radix glycyrrhizac uralensis) in a pot. Add rock sugar and enough water to decoct for 30 minutes. You get two bowls of the beverage to drink twice a day for several days until the coughing and/or sneezing fits end.

- Cook 50g rice to porridge consistency. Add 20g tía tô (balm mint) that has been washed and sliced, and a little rock sugar. Serve the porridge hot, then go to bed and cover yourself with a blanket until you sweat. The cough should stop after a few days.

- Wrap a piece of fresh ginger in tin foil. Place it on a grill and broil it until the foil becomes black. Take it out of the grill, cut the ginger finely. Place in a glass. Add a little honey. Pour hot water in the glass and mix. Drink the beverage hot for several days till the coughing fits stop and the phlegm clears.

- Peel one 500g ripe papaya, cut into pieces and place in a pot. Add a little honey and half a bowl of water, then cook on low flame for 10 minutes. This dish, eaten cold during the day after lunch and dinner, is a good antidote for dry cough.

- Wash and slice one sugar beet into small pieces. Put in a pot and add five peppercorns, three small pieces of fresh ginger, one dried tangerine skin, and one bowl of water. Decoct for 15 minutes. Enjoy the dish warm during the day after meals. This should clear phlegm and stop coughing fits quickly.

- Pour a bowl of water in a pot. Add 5g rock sugar and cook until it is dissolved. Let it cool. Beat two eggs. Whip eggs with sugar. Steam the mixture for 15 minutes. Add several drops of ginger (slice ginger into small pieces, place them in a piece of cloth, fold and squeeze to get the drops out). The dish, had once a day, treats dry cough, sore throat and the feeling of tightness across your chest caused by coughing too much.

- Cut five kumquats into pieces, put them in a bowl, add 5g rock sugar. Pour water in a pot, place the bowl in it and steam for 15 minutes. Consume the entire dish once a day to stop cough and slight colds.

- Wash 150g ci xoong (watercress) and 50g tía tô (balm-mint). Place them along with 5g ginger in a clay pot. Pour three bowls of water in the pot. Cook until about two bowls of water evaporate. Serve the dish three times a day for several days until the cough is gone.

While all the above recipes are effective remedies for cough, consult doctors specializing in respiratory diseases to get a proper diagnosis if the cough is severe or it persists after initial treatment.

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