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Eating too many high-fat foods or meals with a lot of salt can lead to the early onset of coronary artery disease.

The disease is prevalent among people aged 40 and above, particularly office workers, who have a high level of blood fat, high blood pressure, and who smoke too much. Victims of coronary artery disease and anyone watching their levels of cholesterol should stop eating foods such as fatty meat, animal viscera, egg yolk, fish eggs and avocado that are high in cholesterol and reduce their daily food intake. Instead, you should eat fruit and vegetables, lean meat, freshwater fish and vegetable oil.

Here are some dishes that herbalist Vu Quoc Trung recommends for people with coronary artery disease.

"¢ Soya milk porridge(*)

Ingredients: 50ml soya milk, 50g rice Preparation


Wash the rice. Pour the soya milk along with the rice into a pot. Cook the mixture and season with sugar and salt. Serve it hot. This gruel also helps to get rid of a cough.

"¢ Garlic porridge

Ingredients: 30g garlic, 100g rice


Peel the garlic and put in a pot of boiling water for one minute. Remove. Pour the rice into the garlic water and cook until a porridge-like consistency is achieved. Put the garlic into the porridge and continue to cook. Serve the gruel for breakfast and dinner to reduce fat.

"¢ Carrot and sweet potato porridge

Ingredients: One carrot, one sweet potato, 50g g^o t^ (ordinary rice) Preparation


Wash, peel and slice the carrot and sweet potato into tiny cubes. Wash the rice. Put everything in a pot with one liter of water to cook. Let it simmer. Serve the soup hot with salt or sugar for breakfast and dinner.

"¢ Cucumber, lotus leave and ginger beverage

Ingredients: Two cucumbers, one fresh, young lotus leaf, five slices of ginger


Wash and cut the cucumbers, lotus leaf and ginger into small pieces. Blend everything in a blender. Add 300ml water and stir. Sieve the mixture and throw away the residue. Add sugar to taste if desired. Drink three times a day.

"¢ Rau cn (water dropwort) with táo tàu (Chinese jujube)

Wash and slice 500g water dropwort, and then cook with 200g jujube for five minutes before eating. The dish also helps reduce blood pressure.

"¢ Nm hương (shiitake) with cnăn (Chinese water chestnut)

Soak 150g shiitake in water until they expand and wash them. Peel and cut 250g Chinese water chestnut into medium pieces. Fry all shiitake and Chinese water chestnut and season with sugar and salt. The dish also reduces fat and fights coughs. It is also good for patients who suffer from high blood pressure.

"¢ Porridge and lotus leaves

Wash one lotus, decoct the lotus with water in a pot for ten minutes. Keep the water and throw away the lotus. Put 100g go t (ordinary rice) in the lotus water and a little Ä‘ường phèn (sugar candy) to cook the porridge. The dish helps reduce fat and high blood pressure.

"¢ Persimmon and Ä‘ường phèn (sugar candy)

Wash three dry persimmons. Put them in a bowl and place over a pot of water. Put a little sugar candy in the bowl. Place a lid on top and heat the persimmons for 15 minutes until soft. The dish also helps reduce blood pressure.

(*) Porridge is popularly known as congee in South and Southeast Asia.

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