Heart and liver from brain-dead patient save 2 in Hanoi

By Lien Chau, Thanh Nien News

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Nguyen Van Hai, 37, smiles after a heart transplant at Viet Duc Hospital. Hai is one of the two patients in the capital receiving organs from a brain-dead patient in Ho Chi Minh City. Photo: Ngoc Thang
Two patients in Hanoi who had heart and liver transplants thanks to a brain-dead organ donor in Ho Chi Minh City are reportedly in good health.
Vietnam-Germany Hospital said the two men aged 37 and 59 can eat and talk two days after their procedures.
Prior to the transplants, the 59-year-old man had liver cancer and the other suffered from a heart disease.
Both the heart and liver now function normally, according to the hospital.
They are expected to be discharged from hospital in 10 days.
On September 4, Cho Ray Hospital in HCMC announced a brain-dead patient would donor his heart and liver to the national center for human organs. 
Vietnam-Germany Hospital selected the two candidates from a waiting list.
The heart and liver were then transported by air to Hanoi.
The two procedures finished at around 5 a.m. on September 5.
Vietnam has a very limited supply of donated organs. 
Vietnam-Germany Hospital said there are around two brain-dead cases each day, but there have been only 26 brain-dead organ donors over the last five years.
Doctors said there are around 10,000 fatalities caused by traffic accidents each year but the number of organ donors in the country is low. 

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