Health ministry told to probe 3 deaths at FV hospital

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The State President's Office has ordered the Ministry of Health to investigate the deaths of three patients at the upscale French-owned FV Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City, newswire Dan Tri reported Monday.

The families of the patients lodged complaints against the hospital with the office on September 20.

The office last Friday asked the ministry to report the results of the investigations by October 30.

The three patients who died at the hospital are Mai Trung Kien, 57, Nguyen Thi Ngoat, 76, and Nguyen Thi Can, 77, and their families blamed FV doctors' lack of professionalism and carelessness for the deaths.

They asked the Health Ministry to reconsider the professional capacity of FV doctors and punish them for malpractices, and said the hospital must pay compensation to the families.

Kien's family claimed that he had died on August 11 as the result of a misdiagnosis by FV doctors.

Kien was rushed to the hospital with symptoms of appendicitis on August 8. Two days after Dr. Le Duc Tuan performed a two-hour appendectomy, Kien complained of chest and abdominal pains.

The family said that FV doctors failed to conduct any scans. Instead, they tested Kien's blood and said he'd had a heart attack.

Kien was then transferred to Tam Duc, a famous private cardiology hospital located next to FV, where doctors determined that Kien was suffering from internal bleeding as a result of the surgery. He was then taken back to FV where he died.

FV Hospital then accepted responsibility for Kien's death, but the case has not yet been settled as the family and the hospital have not reached agreement on compensation.


FV hospital rejects health department post mortem result

The HCMC Health Department conducted an autopsy and concluded that Kien died of shock from internal bleeding after an appendectomy.

But the hospital said in a statement that it did not agree with the department's conclusion, saying it had enough evidence to prove the patient died of a heart attack.

In the second case, Ngoat was admitted to FV on May 29 to treat broken left thigh bone.

She underwent a surgery the following day. On June 1, she suffered from vomiting, high fever, high blood pressure and abdominal pains.

Her belly became swollen and she had difficulty breathing. She fell into a coma and died on June 16.

According to her family, when Ngoat was taken to FV, they had informed doctors that she had a history of diabetes, and doctors said the situation was under control.

The family said FV doctors failed to give a satisfactory and consistent explanation about the cause of her death.

The third case involved Can, who was admitted to FV on February 24 last year for a surgery to treat a broken thigh bone. Can also had chronic kidney disease.

Her condition improved in the first three days of treatment. On February 28, she had difficulty breathing , and her belly, arms and legs became swollen.

On March 1, she got a fever. She was transferred to Cho Ray Hospital the following day and died on March 20 due to severe pneumonia and shock from an infection.

Her family accused FV hospital of administering ineffective dialysis, worsening her kidney failure.

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