Hanoi opens HIV/AIDS fund

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Hanoi Health Department on Tuesday opened the city HIV/AIDS Patients Fund to offer good medical treatment and help patients integrate into the community.

Nguyen Van Dung, deputy director of the Hanoi Health Department and director of the fund, said the patients' fund will give advises to the department over supporting HIV/AIDS patients in the city.

"The fund will organize campaigns to encourage individuals and organizations around and outside the country to prevent and fight the disease in Hanoi, as well as take care of the infected," Dung said.

Hanoi is among the five cities and provinces with the highest number of HIV patients in the country, with 275 per 100,000 people infected and 1,549 new infections last year, according to the department.

Since the first case was discovered in 1993, the city has diagnosed 22,078 HIV patients, as of the end of last year, most of them being sex workers and drug users. 8,409 of these have developed AIDS, with 3,519 fatal cases, the department said.

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