Hanoi infant recovers after pet dog attack

TN News

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A two-month-old boy in Hanoi is recovering well more than a week after being severely attacked by a pet dog at home on May 19, doctors said.

The baby, known only as N., was asleep on the second floor of a house in Ha Dong District's Phuc La Commune when a dog broke its chain and bit him.

The mother of the baby, who had gone out to buy milk while the baby was sleeping, returned about 20 minutes later to find he was mauled by the dog. The dog was lying in the yard without its chain.

Doctor Nguyen Trong Dung of the Central Children's Hospital said the baby was unconscious when admitted to the hospital. He was then in critical condition because of shock from multiple trauma, low blood pressure, dehydration and loss of blood.

Dung said that after one week of treatment, N no longer had to breathe through medical ventilator. His fever has subsided and he is able to suckle normally.

Doctor Nguyen Van Tu of the hospital said that it was a stroke of luck that the baby did not suffer from any injury in major arteries.

"However, we cannot say how N. will be affected psychologically," he said.

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