Gold miners suspected of having cyanide poisoning

TN News

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Twenty-two gold miners in Vietnam's central province of Quang Nam were hospitalize Wednesday with symptoms allegedly caused by cyanide poisoning.

The workers, all from Phuong Minh Co. Ltd in Phuoc Son District, were admitted to Da Nang Hospital in the city of the same name, suffering from swollen limbs and abdomens along with headaches.

According to the workers, the symptoms appeared in the first victims about one week ago and then spread to others soon after.

They said they were first brought to local health clinics last Sunday but since the symptoms did not reduce, their company transferred them to Da Nang Hospital.

Doctors' initial diagnosis was that the workers probably suffered from cyanide poisoning or malnourishment.

However, Da Nang Hospital is following up on the patients before coming to official conclusions, said Dr. Ho Hien Luong, vice director of the hospital.

Luong said on Tuesday, three other workers from Phuoc Minh were also hospitalized with the same symptoms.

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