Foods that make you lean and mean

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Too much protein, sugar, and fat make the liver and kidneys work very hard, causing fatigue and obesity

Eating more fruits and vegetables can help overweight peopleshed pounds, says herbalist Quoc Trung

Traditional doctor Quoc Trung says it is necessary to include an appropriate amount of protein, fat, and sugar and lots of green vegetables in the daily diet.

Also, it is advisable to boil or steam the dishes rather than fry or stir-fry them. Boiled and steamed food is easier on the liver and kidneys than fried or stir-fried food.

Overweight people should eat more vegetables that can help them lose weight. It is essential to include different kinds of vegetables in the food.

Below are vegetables that can help overweight people lose weight:

Dưa chuá»™t (cucumber) contains little sugar, has a cooling effect, and contains a lot of vitamin C and vitamin A. It is one of the vegetables that provide the least energy. With its high water content, the cucumber can quench one's thirst quickly. It also contains a substance called flavonoid which helps limit sugar from turning into lipids. That is why cucumbers can cool the body and prevent people from getting fat.

Rau dền (amaranthus), including dền tía (amaranthus tricolor), dền gai (amaranthus spinosus), and dền cơm (amaranthus viridis), can all cool the liver, reduce heat, and increase urination. Amaranthus tricolor contains a lot of vitamins A, B2, C; amaranthus spinosus is rich in potassium which is good for people with cardiovascular diseases. Amaranthus can reduce fat in the blood, reduce hypertension, and prevent fatty liver.

Củ Ä‘ậu (pachyrrhizus) contains a lot of water, a lot of fibrous matter, a little energy, and no fatty matter or lipid. Pachyrrhizus has a cooling effect, reducing fat, and removing extra matter collected from eating too much meat and sugar.

Cải bắp (cabbage) contains little energy, and a lot of fibrous matter. It reduces fatty matter because it contains anthocyanis of the flavonoid class. It can help reduce insulin, so it can help reduce absorption of sugar in the blood.

Bưởi (grapefruit) helps reduce fatty matter and fat in the blood and prevent fatty liver. The chemicals in grapefruits can help reduce insulin in the blood. The flavonoids in the grapefruit can improve the liver's ability to burn extra fatty matter, reduce absorption of glucose in the blood, and help reduce triglycerides in the blood.

Táo ta (jujube) contains a substance that can help reduce hunger quickly, stabilizing glucose in the blood, and remove extra fatty matter in the body. To effectively lose weight, it is advisable to eat even the skin of jujube because its skin contains a lot of fibrous matter.

Rau cần (water dropwort) contains a lot of minerals and vitamins that can reduce cholesterol and triglyceride in the blood and reduce hypertension. It is great for overweight people and those with hypertension.

Súp lơ (cauliflower, especially broccoli), is rich in sulfur and vitamins. It can prevent high cholesterol and reduce hypertension. Also, it helps remove toxic substances in food additives and increase antibodies.

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