First Vietnam eye bank to aid cornea transplants

TN News

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Vietnam's first eye bank opened Tuesday at the nation's leading ophthalmology institute.

The bank is expected to help meet increasing demand for cornea transplants.

The bank will receive, preserve and deliver corneas and eye tissues to transplant units nationwide.

The Vietnam National Institute of Ophthalmology has provided corneas for more than 100 cases every year, but most of these were obtained from outside sources.

More than 300,000 patients in Vietnam need cornea transplants every year and the number would soon increase by a further 15,000, institute officials said.

The eye hospital has received 136 corneas from 69 people, not to mention more than 10,400 who have already registered to donate their corneas after their death.

Corneas are taken within six to eight hours of the donor's death.

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