Family complains about hospital after c-section stillbirth

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One more childbirth-related controversy seems set to erupt in Vietnam after a family in Dong Nai filed a complaint against the province's largest public hospital.

The family of a woman who delivered a stillborn baby despite undergoing a cesarean Monday have made accusations against the hospital, which it denies.

Nguyen Thi Chung, 32, was admitted on Saturday to the Dong Nai General Hospital.

Doctors said that when she arrived they performed a scan and told her that the baby had died and its heart was possibly damaged.

The family agreed to the operation to remove the baby, which turned out to have several deformities, they said.

But Le Duy Hung, Chung's husband, had a different story: he said the doctors had said the delivery would be normal, and mentioned nothing about the baby's condition until they opted for a c-section.

Dozens of delivery complications have been reported around the country since April. More than 20 women have died, sometimes along with the baby.

Some doctors and midwives have been censured, transferred, or had their work permits canceled, but health authorities admit that obstetric complications are still a challenge in Vietnam.

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