False diagnosis keeps blue ear around

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A herd of pigs infected with the blue ear virus were destroyed in the south-central Province of Phu Yen destroyed Friday, more than two weeks after the first ones died.

At first, local officials had diagnosed the pigs with a deadly form of diarrhea.

Vo Dinh Sang said three of his 124 pigs started to get sick on September 7 and local animal health officials asked him to vaccinate the rest against diarrhea, after conducting autopsies to determine the cause of death.

But the pigs continued to get sick and die despite the vaccinations.

Sang said he felt doubtful about the diagnosis.

So on September 20 he contacted the Animal Health Institute of the central region based in Khanh Hoa. The institute dispatched officials to collect the pig samples the next day; they all tested positive for the blue ear virus and diarrhea virus.

The rest of the herd was destroyed Friday, far from the residential area.

Sang said he had buried 30 dead pigs in his back yard based on instructions given by Phu Yen animal health officials. But now he worries that the burial could spread the disease to more pigs in the neighborhood.

The farmer said that Phu Yen's animal health officials lacked any solutions to the pandemic and have therefore caused great losses to farmers.

Blue ear disease returned in April after a nine month battle to contain it nationwide. Since then, the virus has spread to more than ten cities and provinces across the country.

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