Expired children's drugs seized on delivery to Central Highlands

Thanh Nien News

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A truckload of expired children's medicine from Ho Chi Minh City was found in the Central Highlands Dak Lak Province Wednesday night.
Provincial market manager Tran Anh Xung said on Thursday that the drugs had been siezed, including 12,000 bottles of Sioplex Lysine, a growth stimulant used on children, and 2,643 boxes of the antibiotic Dardum. All products confiscated were past their expiry dates, some by more than two years, said Xung.
Nguyen Van Anh, the truck's driver from HCMC, told officials from the Dak Lak Market Management Bureau he was hired by DP Pharmaceutical Company, based in the city's District 1, to deliver the goods.
Nguyen Ke Tam, a DP employee, road with Anh in the truck. He said he had been asked to deliver the medicine to a person in Dak Lak's Ea Drang Town, Ea H'Leo District.
Tam didn't name the receiver, but said he knew the medicine was out of date when he loaded it.
Nguyen Dinh Quan from Dak Lak Health Department said the medicine would be dangerous if ingested.
Expired Dardum can cause disorders and depression in children, the doctor said.

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