Experts warn of earlier absence of libido in Vietnam

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Gender health experts warned about the absence of sexual desire among Vietnamese youths due to an increase in physiological diseases.

Doctor Tran Quan Anh, chairman of Vietnam Gender Medicine Association, said at a recent sexual health conference in Ho Chi Minh City that physiological diseases are increasing in young people, both male and female.

Yet Vietnam is still severely lacking treatment facilities for the conditions, which creates heavy social and psychological consequences, Anh said in a Lao Dong report on December 12.

Doctors said sterility and libido absence have been reported in many young men, including newlyweds and those between 28 and 30 years old.

Binh Dan Hospital in the city receives more than 200 men with physiological conditions every day, and the average age of patients reporting these conditions is getting younger.

The average age for sexual desire disorder in women has also gone down to age 32, according to figures from the hospital.

Women between 20 to 29 years old account most for the conditions, at nearly 41 percent, followed by 30- to 39-year-old women of 37 percent.

Statistics from major ob-gyn hospitals in the city, such as Tu Du and Hung Vuong, also showed an increase in young people with the disorder.

Nearly 100 men, mostly between 30 to 35 years old, visit Tu Du Hospital every day for sterility examinations.

The number of women seeking treatment for sexual desire disorders at the hospital has jumped from around 85 in 2009 to 170 in 2010. There have been nearly 250 reported patients in the first half of 2011.

HCMC Institute of Traditional Medicine also has received many young sterile cases, some in their early 20s.

Doctor Nguyen Thi Thu, the institute director, said "many young people were unwilling to share their sexual inability to others. Thus, they did not receive timely treatment which leads to a very high chance of being sterile and having libido disorder."

The condition has badly affected many marriages and lives, as it is accompanied by depression and sleep disorders in women, especially those older than 40 years old, doctors said.

Doctors blamed the overuse of tobacco and alcohol, and the lack of physical activity for a lack of a libido at an early age in Vietnam.

Stress and heavy weight are also identified as contributors to the problem.

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