Excessive arsenic content found in water of Hanoi residential area

By Nam Son, Thanh Nien News

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Apartment blocks in My Dinh II Residential Area in Hanoi Apartment blocks in My Dinh II Residential Area in Hanoi


A private company in Hanoi may have to cut off water to a residential area after tests came up positive for excessive arsenic content.
The municipal Department of Health said tests on water samples taken from households in the My Dinh II Urban Area in Tu Liem District found the arsenic content was 0.03 mg/liter -- three times the legal limit.
It asked the municipal Department of Construction to order the Housing and Urban Services Company Ltd, the investor behind the residential development, to suspend operations of the My Dinh II Water Station until the water meets the legal standards.
During that time, the company must ensure the full supply of water (provided by another water station) to the residents, it said.

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