Eat right, lose the love handles

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The key to losing excess stomach fat is not always about eating less, but it’s always about eating right. Here are a few tried and true eating habits that can help you lose the flab and tighten the abs.

- Eat only half of bowl of rice for each meal. You can have some fruit an hour after the meal if you get hungry.

- Two pears, unpeeled and with their seeds removed, should be eaten in the afternoon. Vitamins C, B6, 12, and pectin in the pear will help break down fat and eliminate cholesterol in the blood.

- You should drink 50ml of grapefruit or pomelo juice everyday to neutralize the protein, fatty acids and sugar in the fat.

- Eat yogurt three times a day: after breakfast, before lunch and before going to bed.

- Drink a 50ml glass of green tea every four hours to hasten the mixing of substances in blood, oxidize fatty acids and prevent the agglomeration of fat in the lower abdomen. The tea will also help eliminate wrinkles in your abdominal skin.

- Substitute protein from beef and pork with protein from goat, shrimp, field crab, soya milk, green peas and vegetables.

- Another way to reduce the fat in the abdomen is to squeeze 5g of smashed old ginger and rub it on the stomach and then meditate while sitting. Bow to the ground every two minutes and breathe deeply.

- Walk, ride a bicycle or play badminton for 50 minutes every day. Yoga also offers a variety of fat-reducing exercises for the abdomen.

By Herbalist Duong Tan Hung

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