Doctors induce medical coma after removing enormous tumor

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A man whose giant tumor was removed in a high-profile operation Thursday remains unconscious after being put under a medically induced coma, doctors at Ho Chi Minh City's FV Hospital told the press Friday.

Nguyen Duy Hai, 32, underwent a 12-hour operation to remove his 82-kilogram tumor. The surgical team was led by Dr. McKay McKinnon, a renowned US plastic surgeon.

Hai is now in the intensive-care unit and his condition is stable, doctors said.

He has been put under a medically induced coma until his lungs resume normal function.


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"It will take at least 15 days before we can announce the surgery a success," said Dr. Gerard Desvignes, medical director of FV Hospital, who directly supervised the operation.

Dr. Desvignes added the patient may suffer complications after the surgery and that doctors are keeping a close watch on his condition.

Hai received a seven liter blood transfusion during the operation which took 60 people 12 hours to complete.

The tumor removed from his body was weighed at 82 kilograms, the largest ever recorded in Vietnam.

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