Doctors conclude no twins in Vietnam pregnancy malpractice case

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Ho Chi Minh City's leading obstetricians concluded after a meeting that a woman who insists that she delivered a pair of twins but a local hospital only handed over one child in fact had only carried and delivered one baby.

Speaking to the media Tuesday Dr Nguyen Hoai Nam, head of the city Department of Health's health professionalism office, said Dr Vu Thi Thu of the Thu Duc District General Hospital had committed a mistake in telling Tran Thi Kim Hien after looking at scans that she carried twins.

Hien, 28, underwent a C-section surgery on July 15, apparently delivering one girl, and has since insisted that the hospital should "return" other baby.

She said that all 10 ultrasonic scans done at three different places, including Thu's private clinic, showed that she was carrying a girl and a boy.

But at the meeting Dr Vu Thi Nhung, former director of the Hung Vuong Obstetrics Hospital, said none of the scans showed twins. 

According to Nam, when Thu did tests on Hien, she heard only one heartbeat yet went on to conclude she was carrying twins as Hien believed.

Hien had only 2D ultrasonic scans done and all of them at private clinics. Doctors recommend that pregnant women should go to big hospitals and have 4D ultrasonic scans done, Nam said.

Asked about the scan done at the hospital before the delivery, Nam said the scan showed only one child, and the doctor in charge wrote that it was one pregnancy and suggested further clinical checks since Thu had indicated twins.


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Hien's family has rejected all this and plans to file complaints to clarify the problem and make everyone involved accountable, Dan Tri reported Thursday.

"If it was indeed one pregnancy why did the hospital not do further tests instead of proceeding with the surgery?" Hien's husband Tam told the news website.

"Had we known it was just one baby, we would have not let my wife undergo a painful surgery and also waste money. "

His family has yet to hear officially from the hospital about the meeting's conclusions, he said.

But related agencies should ignore them and organize another with the participation of the health department, the hospital, and his family, Tam said.

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