Doctor charged with fatal malpractice

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A surgeon in the Mekong Delta province of Can Tho has been charged with causing the death of a female patient in August, local prosecutors said Sunday.


Nguyen Minh Quang, 57, a doctor at the Hoan My Cuu Long Hospital in Cai Rang District, will face charges of "accidentally causing death due to violations of professional rules," according to an indictment handed down by the Provincial Prosecutor.


On August 1, Nguyen Ngoc Phuoc was admitted to the hospital for delivery.


A team of three administering doctors and one assistant delivered Phuoc's child via Ceasarean section, prosecutors said, adding that Quang directly conducted the operation.


Two days after the delivery, Phuoc's suffered searing abdominal pains and swelling.


While her family asked to transfer her to another hospital, Hoan My Cuu Long Hospital insisted she stay put.


Physicians there diagnosed her with Graves' disease an autoimmune disease where the thyroid is overactive, producing an excessive amount of thyroid hormone  and administered a corresponding treatment


When her condition worsened, the following day, the hospital re-diagnosed her with shock induced by a post-surgery blood infection.


Following the diagnosis, the hospital agreed to transfer her to Can Tho General Hospital, prosecutors said.


Phuoc died the same day, after arriving at the new hospital.


The Ministry of Public Security's Forensic Institute later concluded that Phuoc died from shock induced by an accute infection of her abdominal lining.


The infection, they found, had been caused by a hole in her small intestine.


The hole was a complication of the surgery conducted by Quang, according to the institute.

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