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People can drink bitter gourd juice before a meal to prevent diabetes, Indian health experts say

Diabetes is a disease in which the pancreas gland does not produce sufficient hormones to digest carbohydrates, according herbalist Quoc Trung.

Thus, without enough insulin, a constant high sugar level plagues the blood. Diabetes may lead to dramatic complications like heart attacks, strokes, blindness, kidney failure and impotence.

There are two types of diabetes. Type one is insulin-dependent. Type-one diabetics account for 5-10 percent of all diabetics. They are usually young people and they are usually thin.

Type two is non-insulin-dependent. Patients of this type make up 90-95 percent of diabetics. It usually happens to people over 40 years of age and overweight people.

Diet is very important in treating diabetes, according to herbalist Quoc Trung. The following are ways of preparing daily drinks for diabetics.

- 500 grams of sliced fresh okra or 100 grams sliced dry okra cooked in two liters of water until only one liter remains. Drink a liter per day.

- 30 grams of white pea flowers, or lablab purpureus, and 30 grams of peziza are dried in the sun or in a pot before being crushed into powder and mixed with boiled water. Drink a cup of boiled water mixed with about 10 grams of the powder three times per day.

- Bitter gourd, sea holly, and aloe vera 20 grams of each, dried are boiled in water to drink throughout the day.

- Boil one kilo of ripe tamarind in a pot of water until the water has all evaporated. Dry the boiled tamarind and crush it into powder. Drink a cup of boiled water mixed with 10 grams of the powder three times a day before meals.

- Slowly boil 7 small red apples and 7 silkworm cocoons in a liter of water. Let it cool and drink throughout the day.

- Boil a liter of water with 60 grams of water morning glory stems and 30 grams of corn silk. Use this as your daily drinking water.

- Crush 500 grams of celery and add 200 ml of boiled water. Use a thin piece of cloth to squeeze and strain the liquid. Drink every day.

- Boil water with 100grams of green guava leaves, and drink the concoction daily.

- Boil 20 grams of wax gourd rind, 20 grams of watermelon rind and 20 grams of the trichosanthes kirilowi maxim root in one liter of water for 10 minutes. Drink the tea throughout the day.

- Boil 50 grams of dioscorea persimilis, 100 grams of fresh wax gourd including its peel and 50 grams of lotus leaves in water to use as drinking water.

Diabetics can also include the above herbs in their regular meals.

Also, people can prevent diabetes by eating food they can grow in their gardens or find at markets without having to resort to medicine every day.

In The Times of India, Indian health experts said that people can drink bitter gourd juice before a meal to prevent diabetes.

Guava, a fruit that is available all year round, is a good remedy to prevent diabetes. Rich in vitamin C and fibrous matter, guava is indispensable for diabetics. However, a recent study showed that eating guava without peeling its skin may increase sugar level in the blood; therefore, it is advisable to peel it before eating.

If you take sugar in tea and coffee, it is important to use honey instead of sugar, thereby reducing the risk of increasing sugar in the blood. Yet it is best to drink black coffee without any sugar because several studies have shown that black coffee without sugar can help reduce the risk of contracting the type 2 diabetes.

Additionally, green tea can help reduce sugar in the blood and insulin in the body. Also, regular exercise like cycling or walking can help prevent diabetes.

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