DHG Pharma's three-pronged strategy for success

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The Hau Giang Pharmaceutical Joint-stock Company (DHG Pharma) is not only remarkable for its impressive business results, famous brands and dominating market share.


The company is also a pioneer of modern marketing strategies.

This year, the company garnered great success with its new three-pronged strategy:  "shareholder customer laborer."


The company's powerful Management Board strives to implement the company motto "for a healthier and more beautiful life" in every one of its undertakings. 


This new strategy is no exception.


1. Shareholders - Investors


Present and future bosses play a very important role in directing DHG's strategies. To draw long-term capital sources and maintain stock values, DHG always establishes its objectives based on the expectations of its shareholders and investors.


They are also based on solid development principals and the company's sense of responsibility to society, the environment and its employees. The four golden words for the company's service of this subject are: "open-minded, clear, adequate, and timely." DHG's Investor Relations department was founded to create more channels of information and direct dialogue as well as connections between the company and its bosses. The fact that DHG won the Best Annual Report in 2008 and 2009 serves as further evidence that its efforts to create relations among shareholders are second to none.


2. Customers Consumers


DHG cares about its customers whole-heartedly. That's why the company organizes tours and conferences to introduce its outstanding products and involve its patrons input in the company's business strategies at every level. At the meetings (held in beautiful Dalat and Hanoi) DHG's product market strategies are discussed to ensure the highest possible quality. Ultimately, it's our customers that steer our strategy. Moreover, the company always offers timely solutions for customers looking to overcome crisis and disaster. Our customers' troubles are also DHG's troubles, and their reasonable wishes are what inspires the company's future development strategies.


3. Laborers


DHG's spiritual values inform our attitude towards our employees. In addition to steady incomes, laborers receive encouraging bonuses for timely output and benefit from a host of recreational and cultural programs. DHG's laborers also have chances to experience rare feelings at activities organized for their parents and relatives like Vu Lan (Ullambana) festival. Every year, DHG ensures their families are taken to the Cho Ray and Hoan My hospitals for regular check-ups. This improves the employee's sense of responsibility, loyalty and pride. As a result, it encourages their creativity and breakthroughs in business strategies, and their efforts to realize the company's missions.


In some cases, the three above-mentioned subjects are one. Laborers are shareholders and customers at the same time as well as consumers of their own products. Customers sometimes are shareholders and also excellent salesmen and creators of market development strategies. Shareholders and investors are consumers who trust and support DHG's products. The three-pronged strategy has generated its own forward momentum. It rotates, pulls and pushes, and finally creates a spiralling development, bringing the company to new heights.


In the first nine months of this year, DHG's turnover reached VND1.372 trillion (US$70.37 million) with pre-tax benefits worth nearly VND280 billion ($14.36 million), completing 72 percent of its planned turnover and 90 percent of targeted benefits this year. Thanks to effective tools and strategies, it's entirely possible that DHG will surpass its planned turnover of VND1.92 trillion ($98.48 million) and pre-tax benefits of VND310 billion ($15.9 million) in 2010.

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