DHG perseveres into the new millennium

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Since it began leading the local pharmaceutical industry in 1996, consumers have voted DHG's products onto a list of the Highest Quality Vietnamese Goods every year. Given such impressive achievements, the question is: will The Hau Giang Pharmaceutical Joint-stock Company (DHG Pharma) maintain its position in the future?

After a lot of blood, sweat and tears, DHG has re-written its own fate, returning from the verge of bankruptcy to a top position in the Vietnamese pharmaceutical industry. The company's glorious history will be remembered forever by the firm's next generation of employees.

No description will do it justice.

After overcoming the challenges posed by the market, DHG needs to overcome its own success. The company mantra "Don't be afraid of challenges in hard times Be afraid of challenges in glory days" is always repeated.

In 2004, the year the company went through a process of equitization, DHG posted revenues of VND554 billion and a net profit of VND28.5 billion. Over the past six years, DHG set new records every single year. In the first nine months of this year alone, DHG recorded revenues of VND1.37 trillion and pre-tax profit of nearly VND280 billion, or 72 percent and 90 percent of the annual targets respectively.

The key to the company's wide success lies in DHG's management strategies which focus on human resources first and business results later.

DHG knows that its greatest resource is its staff. In the past 14 years, DHG's triumphs have only been made possible by the company's cultivation of talent, attention to spiritual values, preservation of cultural qualities and commitment to sustainable development.

And that tradition will live on"¦

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