Dental disease rampant in Vietnam: experts

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Around 90 percent of the Vietnamese population suffers from dental or oral diseases, mainly due to their failure to follow proper oral hygiene practices, experts said at a conference in Hanoi on Wednesday.

Speaking at the conference, Trinh Dinh Hai, director of Hanoi-based National hospital of Odonto Stomatology, said a majority of adults do not have their teeth and mouth examined regularly, VnExpress reported.

They also do not tend to receive proper instructions on how to take care of their teeth and mouth, Hai was quoted as saying, explaining that many brush their teeth with long horizontal strokes which can lead to abrasions, instead of brushing vertically.

Moreover, many children, even those with all their adult teeth, are not taught how to brush them properly or trained to do it habitually after meals and before sleeping, the online newspaper reported.

Another typical mistake many Vietnamese make regarding their dental hygiene is to rely on toothpicks instead of using dental floss, experts said.

It is important to improve the community's oral health care regimen, especially for children, as it is difficult and costly to treat associated diseases, Hai said.

The conference was held to mark World Oral Health Day, which is held each year on March 20. It was the first time Vietnam participated in the event since it was established in 2007. 

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