Dengue fever strickens central region

TN News

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So far this year dengue fever outbreaks in Vietnam's central region have sickened thousands and claimed several lives, officials said.


The worst to be hit was the Khanh Hoa province, with 2,170 reported cases of the mosquito-borne illness, the provincial authorities reported Friday.


According to the local Center for Preventive Health, this year's massive outbreak was fueled by poor mosquito eradication efforts.

Health officials in Binh Dinh have reported a 50 percent increase in Dengue cases, compared with last season's numbers.  Binh Dinh officials say they've had 676 cases, including two child deaths.


Last week officials in the Phu Yen province announced reports of 929 cases and one death. Every day, new reports are trickling in from Quang Ngai, Kon Tum and Gia Lai.


Experts and officials blamed the recent outbreak on hot weather accompanied by rain: ideal conditions for Aedes aegypti mosquitoes to breed. 


Furthermore, locals lack the knowledge needed to implement preventative measures (such as the covering or drainage of standing water around the home), officials said.

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