Daily record set with 180 swine flu cases

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Vietnam detected 180 new cases of influenza A (H1N1) virus on Thursday, the highest tally recorded in a single day since the flu broke out in the country in May, according to the Ministry of Health.

So far 3,201 people have been infected by the virus nationwide, two of whom have died while 1,473 have been discharged after full recovery.

Fifty out of 63 provinces and cities have been found with swine flu infections thus far with the northern province of Thai Binh the latest on the list as of Thursday, the ministry said.

The education department of Lam Dong, meanwhile, said the swine flu was spreading strongly among schools in the central province with 26 local schools reporting 92 infections among their students.

Also on Thursday representatives from Ho Chi Minh City's major pediatric hospitals warned the number of children suffering from respiratory diseases was increasing.

Dr. Tran Anh Tuan, head of Respiratory Department in HCMC Children's Hospital No.1, said they were treating up to 240 patients a day, compared to some 140 in previous months.

HCMC Children's Hospital No.2 also reported patients with respiratory ailments have doubled from around 100 a day in previous months.

The sharp increase is attributed to the rainy season and abnormal changes in weather, and doctors said the numbers were stretching their facilities and resources.

The hospitals, in fact, have been forced to have three to four children share one bed, while some parents say their children have to use beds or mats laid out on the floor.

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